Any person 18 years or over interested in rifle shooting as a sport and would like to try their hand can contact the Railway and Tramway Institute Rifle Club Incorporated by email at

The club shoots Saturday afternoons between 1pm to 4-45pm at Anzac Rifle Range, Franklin Street, Malabar, Sydney, NSW over distances of 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 and 800 metres. The club's hut is located in the brick building marked "B" block which is the middle row of the three buildings as you enter the range on the left.


Those persons interested, MUST, either possess a current Category "B" shooters License endorsed Target Classification OR if unlicensed or do not possess the Category "B" license classification. You will be required to complete a NSW Police Firearms Registry Form 650 (see FORMS SECTION to download in pdf) if all questions are answered NO then you may be able to shoot immediately, if any question is answered YES then your application will have to be forwarded to the Firearms Registry for adjudication.  During the period of the P650 you decide if you like target shooting enough to join our club, continue shooting and obtain a Shooter's license.

Yes, I would like to try shooting, 

Marksmanship - Introduction Program

1st day - 24 shots Fullbore rifle on rest under supervision, (Target rifle with aperture sights; shooting prone with jacket and sling)

or  24 shots F-Class Standard rifle under supervision, (Target rifle with optical scope sight; shooting prone with front rest)

- New marksman must arrive by 11.30am to complete P650 form and pay fees.

- P650 must be certified by club official, accredited range officer or training officer

- A supervisor / mentor will be assigned

subsequent days

- Continue under supervision until shooter obtains NSW firearms license

Fees correct as of 04-03-2020             Each Saturday you shoot (24 rounds)                                                          

Adults                                                     $50.00 to $65.00 depending on ammo used

Pensioner/Junior Under 21                    $45.00  to $60.00 depending on ammo used

School Student to year 12                     $37.00  to $52.00 depending on ammo used

Contact email:

FIREARM SAFETY TRAINING COURSE - The Firearm Safety and Training Council is an approved body responsible for pre-license firearm safety training. Police accredited Firearm Safety and Training Officers who are members of approved shooting clubs do this training.

Below Firearm Safety Training Course fees to be confirmed with Firearm testing officer when arranging course.

A Statement of Attainment in Firearms Safety is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. A fee of $135.00 (current 01/05/12) including GST will be charged for the adult course and issue of a Statement of Attainment. This fee does not go to the Government but is divided between the local shooting club that will conduct the Firearm Safety Training Course and the Firearm Safety and Training Council. The monies collected will be used by the Council in developing and promoting shooting sports within the State and at the Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games and International Shooting Competitions.

A fee of $135.00 for adults and $75.00 for minors should be paid to the Firearms Safety and Training Officer when registering for the Firearm Safety Training Course.

Upon successfully completing the course you will be given a Statement of Attainment. This Statement of Attainment contains a declaration, which you should read and understand before signing. The Statement of Attainment must accompany your Firearms License application.


Juniors aged 12 to under 18 years MUST obtain a Minor's Permit from the NSW Police Firearms Registry (a fee is charged by the Police Service currently $75 as of January 2005), they need the written permission of a parent or guardian. A minor's permit only authorizes the minor to use a firearm whilst under supervision of a Senior who holds a shooter's license of the class of firearm being used. Minors also need to complete the Statement of Attainment, at present  the prescribed fee is $75, see above for details.

Juniors can also complete the Form 650 (see FORMS SECTION to download in pdf) to try shooting. If all questions are answered NO then you may be able to shoot immediately, if any question is answered YES then your application will have to be forwarded to the Firearms Registry for adjudication. You will be required to complete a temporary membership with the NSW Rifle Association (currently $20 for 3 months as of 21/11/08). This approval lasts three months from the date of commencement. Your parent or Guardian MUST give written permission on the P650 and the adult must produce identification.

Due to the recoil of 7.62mm and .308W calibre rifles juniors normally need to be aged about 15 years to avoid being hurt. A parent or guardian is also required to give their approval for their child to shoot with our club.

Should your child be keen to try shooting then consideration should also be given to contacting a smallbore rifle club. These clubs shoot .22 calibre rifles over 50 metres, some also shoot 20 metres and 90 metres. Clubs are scattered throughout the metropolitan area, e.g. Sutherland shire, Cecil Park Shooting Complex, Hornsby, North Rocks, Manly. Bexley and Hurstville clubs both shoot at Roberts Road, Peakhurst, opposite the tennis courts.

Should you desire further information on target shooting in NSW or Australia have a look at the Links page of our website.

NOTE:  Anzac Rifle Range operates on a 7.62 mm NATO RDA template.

The following calibres CAN NOT be used when shooting with our club and are not permitted on Anzac Rifle Range,

300 Win Magnum, 7mm Rem Magnum, .338 Lapau,  .50 BMG.

Also rifles with muzzle breaks are not permitted to be used in accordance with standard shooting rules due to the noise dispersed to the sides which causes discomfort to other shooters (except the Remington 700 VTR which deflects the noise upwards only) if the muzzle break is able to be removed then the rifle may be able to be used, we will have to view the rifle.

As a guide if you have a rifle in the following calibres you may be able to use it when shooting with our club, please discuss with the Club Captain or Secretary.


5.56 mm (.223 Rem), 7.62 mm (.308Win), 22 BR, 6 mm BR, 30 mm BR, 6 x 47, 7mm.



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