To the Members and Friends of Rail and Tram Rifle Club,

Last updated 2 January 2021



NSW Health latest COVID-19 information - do not attend the range if you have been to one of these locations on the dates and times indicated:

Please check the above site regularly for the latest information re Covid hot spots and adhere to the advice given on the Government website,

Operating instructions re Covid 19,

IN ADDITION  to the MDRA Safety Plan and  NSWRA Protocols for Shooting on 1st July 2020, the following changes have been made to operations on the fullbore range. Definition of these rules is managed by the MDRA Committee. On-the-ground enforcement will be the responsibility of the MDRA Committee, Range Officer(s), and Chief Safety Officer(s).  

1.  We have removed the shifts system however it’s up to clubs if they want to continue to run  a booking system for the morning and afternoons.

2.  Members do not have to arrive, shoot then go. They can socialise provided they adhere to  the social distancing rules.

3. Congregation in your club house is OK provided you adhere to the 4m2 & hygiene rules

4.   Below is a slightly amended timetable with an earlier finish in winter as follows: 
AM:          0930 – 1200 
Lunch:     1200 – 1230 (opportunity to put in targets for the afternoon session)   PM:          1230 – 1630 (Includes Break: 1500 - 1515 to pack targets away) 
5. Bankstown/Chatswood to resume running the range in the morning
i.e. 0930 - 1200
6.  Starting Saturday 4 July, Duty clubs will be back running the range for the afternoon session,   noting the slightly earlier start and finish i.e. 1200 - 1630 

7. Same range all day until further noticethis decision will bereviewed from time to time.

8. Referring to the MDRA Safety Plan document,Clubs MUST keep a register of who attends on each occasion (including visitors).

9.Cars must be parked as directed by the MDRA behind the mound. At300m all carswill be parked on the other side of the road.

Range programme January 2021 to February 2021
       Date:          Range:           Duty Club:

Jan  2                 600m                        Mosman NBay

Jan  9                 300m                        Port Jackson

Jan 16                700m                         Rail & Tram

Jan 23 - 25        NSWRA QUEENS         N/A

Jan 30                800m                         Sydney

Feb  6                 300m                        Yorkshire

Feb 13                500m                         Banks/Chats

Feb 20                600m                         Marrickville

Feb 27                300m                         Endeavour

10.  Referring to the MDRA Safety Plan document, Clubs MUST keep a register of who attends on  each occasion (including visitors).   

11. Cars must be parked as directed by the MDRA behind the mound. At 300m all cars  will be  parked on the other side of the road. 


Commencing 19 August 2017 on each Saturday please see the Club Captain at Rail & Tram's club house or on the mound at
our normal Target allocation of   
E9 & EX to complete the range register and pay fees.

Shooting is presently being conducted as per the attached memo below from the MDRA Secretary

(reproduced from MDRA website)


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